Monday, May 9, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

(This picture is of my first order ever made, it includes 2 conventional baskets, a 9 grain bread pack-5 loaves, a tortilla pack-7 dz total: 3 dz 12 in. flour Tortillas-cafe rio style, 2 dz - 6 in. flour, 2 dz - 6 in. corn, and a mexi pack. We were headed to Lake Powell for a week with lots of family so I ordered extra... still had lots left over though!) 

Order your baskets today! There are tortilla packs, mexi packs, bread packs and blackberries you can add on too! Yum!

The Mexi pack and the tortilla pack make for some excellent mexican meals...
(Just to compare size)

Here is a recipe for Tomatillo Salsa Verde!
I used the boiling method.

Perfect for chicken enchiladas and also for drizzling over any mexi meal or just dipping salsa! I made it the first time I got the mexi pack(which had ALL the ingredients) and my family(inlaws too) LOVED it! We did chicken enchiladas and then drizzled it on top and had extra sauce. I didn't try but I bet once you make it, you could either bottle it or freeze it too!

I'm excited to make some blackberry jam! Delicioso!
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that was a huge tomato too!

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