Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting Creative...

A thrifty way to change your home decor completely is with paint! Do you remember this project of mine? My LCD TV Stand (aka my hideous entertainment center) needed much love. I was never a fan of the thing anyway and since we don't own a fancy tv I didn't think I should buy a new LCD tv stand yet.

So it went from this...
To this...(sorry about the horrible photography skills and bad back ground cinderblock walls!... student housing... it's great...we only had dim wall sconces for lighting... hence another reason for a bad photo... glad to be outta there)
I used about 6 cans of Ocean Blue Krylon spray paint and a bit of brown craft paint, antiquing glaze, and some glossy finishing glaze, total was about $30 for a complete transformation and one of a kind look. The great part is I have left over glazes and paint for other fun projects too! This was my first attempt to redo a piece of furniture but I have been contemplating many more!
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