Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where to start?

I'm so happy to have the internet again! I can't believe I have lived without it for over a month now between living transitions. My husband, however, can take his laptop anywhere with hot spots and get his internet fine... all though I think it might have been handier to do so if he had a laptop messenger bag to carry it around in. I guess I need a lap top for myself too and a bag to go with it!

One day... but not until I have a car for myself!

I have missed blogging and the followers I have gained over the past couple of months! It seems hard to get to know my followers so I would love for anyone to comment about anything (that is appropriate) so we can get to know one another. I also don't mind questions about me... I am willing to answer them unless it affects the privacy of my family and I.

So please feel free to get to know me more!
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