Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clark & Mayfield LapTop Messenger Bag Review - CSN

Another great product from CSN!
I am so happy with CSN's great variety of products and the quality, let alone the price!

Clark and Mayfield - MRL02 - Moreland 15" - 16" Laptop Messenger Bag in Slate Gray

The laptop messenger bag was ordered for my hubby. As I said before, he has been just carrying his laptop around without a case... and it shows. A lap top isn't cheap so I don't know why you wouldn't protect it from the beginning, especially if you can do it for $19.99+ tax and shipping and totally look stylish too!

I debated on the color but I am a huge fan of gray and since I got to pick it out as a surprise for my hubby, I went with the slate gray. The pictures on CSN don't show this but the inside is yellow. The picture below shows the inside in orange(with the olive green outer) but the slate gray comes with yellow. I really loved it when I opened it up.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what you will get out of an item online but the reviews on it were great and it was originally $75 on sale for $19.99 so I decided it must be good quality. I was very pleased with the durability, price, strength, strap length, extra pockets, style and padding for the laptop section too. There ae several extra pockets for electronic gadgets or folders, pens and pencils and more.

Most Importantly, my husband was thrilled with it. I never know for sure if he is going to like what I pick out. He's really hard to shop for. He actually really liked the color and the style and has used it every day since with NO COMPLAINTS:) That's HUGE! I think we have a real winner with this one!

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