Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bagtique Almond Studded Handle Zip Top Purse review -CSN

I guess I went with a theme this time around for reviews, BAGS!

Since my hubby got a laptop bag I figured I could get a cute new purse! It is perfect timing since my old one was falling apart and I have baby #3 on the way(any day now). I have had diaper bags but I always feel like they are too bulky or not cute enough so I decided to just shop for a middle sized purse. Let me tell you, there are tons to choose from on CSN. I took my time with this one.

I really love turquiose, orange, and white. My old purse was orange and I kept searching for another orange one but I couldn't find one I thought I'd be happy with anywhere so I decided to look at turquoise and white. I also loved th size of my old purse too, not too big and not too little. When I would find one I sort of liked, I would look at the price tag and it would be well over $50, sometimes over $100. I just can't afford something like that so I kept using my tired worn out orange bag.

Well, here is what I finally found! Isn't she a beauty!?

I chose the almond color after much debating because it'll go with anything although I have second thoughts about the teal one! Isn't that just the best color?

Ok, so what I love about it, of course, the STYLE! It is roomy enough to fit what I need and a little bit more. I can easily fit diapers, wipes, wallet, phone and a few gadgets and more.

And one surprise that I loved when opening it, the inside i lined with leapord print. I have recently become a fan of animal print, it took me some time to get on board with it but I really love it now.  Leapord, zebra, giraffe! As long as it isn't real of course.

The handles have a little bit of adjustment so you can make them longer or shorter, I made them the longest they could be so I could easily throw it on my shoulder, with kids I don't like the kind that just sit at your elbow.

The bag is not real leather but it is great quality and very fashionable. I posted just the picture on FB and already had people asking about it.

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