Saturday, October 16, 2010

Large 20 page Picture book for $8.99

Hi everyone! So, I didn't disclose ahead of time WHEN we would be going to Disneyland but we are back now! To sum it up quickly, we had fun! We did have some major break downs from our two children and have learned it is difficult with toddlers so we won't be back until they are a bit older but we had fun!

Anyhow, I just ran across this great deal. has a promo going for a FREE hard covered photo book, you just pay shipping of $8.99.  This is a 20 page large book too! It is for new customers only, boy am I glad that I haven't signed up until now. Our Disneyland Vacation will now be documented as a story book! Yeah!

Promo Code: FALLBK expires October 25th, 2010 at midnight. Pin It

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