Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm anxious... about EVERYTHING! Jobs, doctors, wanting a home, where to live, how to pack up a house in 6-8 weeks while preggo, Christmas gifts, broken down cars, dining chairs...the list goes on!

Maybe it is just the pregnancy brain talking but right now my families life is changing A LOT!

Let's just address the next few changes first hubby is done with his MBA degree in JUST 6 WEEKS! While I am so SUPER EXCITED this brings on the job hunt, finding a new place and new home to live in... Just pile on top of that the huge possibility of probably having to find a new doctor in a new area to deal with the worst part of pregnancy appointments and delivery in Feb.

Take a deep breath... I can do it?! Right?!

So you all know by now that we went to Disneyland, well the WEEK BEFORE our car broke down... not just a timing belt or other belt... our ENGINE! Yes our ENGINE! only $4-5,000 to fix! No biggy.... well really it is. We are so close to being out of school that our funds are much less than before and we just can't fix it right now. It would be better for us to get a CAR LOAN(I HATE ADMITTING THIS AS YOU ALL KNOW I HATE DEBT) and make payments for a little while until we have a steady income.

Christmas gifts, I have done pretty well with them but I have quite a few larger time consuming handmade goods that are yet to be made. I did start today though! My little girl is getting a custom kitchen made by ME out of garage sale and DI items. It will be super cute when finished, I hope!

As for the dining chairs, well not only have I been meaning to seriously redo the FOUR that I have but now we have family member #5 on the way and we will need at least another dining chair to add to the table. I am just not going to buy a free standing bulky high chair that one day will be of no use... especially since I already have two booster seats, one NOT in use either.

So basically, with all of this said, I am stressed, anxious, excited and overwhelmed already BUT I am trying my hardest to keep this blog current and entertaining for you all. Stick with me here!

I am hoping for some holiday fun on here too!
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Heather B said...

I'm sorry to hear that all that has been going on! Yikes! When it rains it pours! It will be better before you know it!

Julie said...

100% agree with you on that one. It is pouring but I can still see a little light at the end of the tunnel letting me know we'll make it! I picture a rainbow after this storm too.

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