Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tinkerbell & Beauty and the Beast Deal

UPDATE: So I learned through searching a bit more how I saved an extra $10(Tink Promo mentioned below). On Freebies 2 Deals they say you get a $10 gift card when you pick up Beauty and The Beast, this is a mistake. The Preorder forms say Save $10 on a purchase of any other Disney Blue Ray DVD package of $19.99 or more so I saved the extra $10 because I was purchasing the Tinkerbell movie.

The other side to this is, since you will be using $10.00 off Tinkerbell coupon and $5 off $25 Toys R Us purchase, that would put your order at only $4.99(excluding the $5 pre order fee for Beauty and The Beast, this doesn't count toward the $10 off promo for pre ordering Beauty) and you would only save $4.99 so you need to add something for another $5 to your order to makes sure you save the full $10.

My Reciept went like this:

TinkerBell movie $19.99 owing balance -$10 coupon -$5 off $25 or more = $4.99
PreOrder Beauty and The Beast $5.00 = $5.00
3 Hot Rod Car packs$4.99 (Buy 2 get one Free) = $9.98

Minus $10 Tink Promo(for buying tinkerbell in conjunction with Beauty and The Beast)

Total= $11.13

So all in all, I will end up paying about $26.50 total for the two blue ray movies and 3 Hot Rod car packs, still a huge savings of about 77% but not quite as good as I thought earlier.

So I have been keeping up on this deal because it totally benefis me where my girl LOVES Tinkerbell(so does my boy but we don't encourage that, lol).

Here is what has been said over at Freebies 2 Deals. Just click that link for the post, basically some are having a hard time getting it all to work out. WELL NOT ME!

Here is my SUCCESS story!

'So I had a GREAT experience with Toys R Us in Sugar House. I was prepared for all the negatives talked about(on Freebies 2 Deals) but I didn't have a single problem.

I paid for the rest of the Tinkerbell movie($19.99), pre-ordered the Beauty and the Beast($5.00), and 3 Hot Rod car Sets($4.99 each but with a deal of buy 2 get one free) to make sure I was over the needed.

I used the $10 off Tink Coupon and the $5 off coupon. I expected my total to be about $20(mostly because of the cars) but when all was said and done, I ended up paying $11.12 for all of that. I said the the cashier, "oh that was less than I thought it would be" She said, "well with your coupons and store deals you got a great deal."

I checked my reciept and I saw where it took of the $10 coupon and the $5 coupon but there was also another deal on it that said Tinkerbell Promo -$10. So I saved another $10!

And that is NOT ALL. They also took down my name and number because I was supposed to recieve a free watch(that is what the lady said) but they had misplaced them so when they found the watches, she would give me a call to come pick it up. How cool is that? And then I'll go order the free Tinker bell charm bracelet too from Disney Rewards! (Warning, I learned there is a $2.95 shipping and handling Fee)

So sorry to everyone that got a crappy deal, go to the SUGAR HOUSE Toys R Us
And I did get my $10 gift card too so when I pic`k up Beauty and the Beast, it'll be FREE!' 

So all in all I will have paid a total of about $26.50 for $29.99 Blue Ray TinkerBell, $29.99 Blue Ray Beauty and The Beast, $15.00 in toy cars for my boy, and a $10 gift card to Toys R Us!
Which REALLY Means I paid $16.50 for two $30 Blue Ray Movies and 3(reg $4.99 each) sets of cars! I am still in shock and I don't know what the Extra Tinker Bell Promo was for but it saved me another $10! And I am supposed to get a FREE watch for my little girl.

RECAP: Regular Price= $95.00
WHAT I PAID= $26.50 and I got a free $10 gift card to Toys R Us



Everett Family said...

I have ordered a couple of things from Disney Movie Rewards and never had to pay shipping. They don't even ask for a CC. They have great stuff, I will send you a referel if you haven't joined yet. That way I can get some extra points. http://www.disneymovierewards.go.com/index.htm

Julie said...

Thank you! I am signed up however. It just had a little stipulation under that deal that said you would have to pay the $2.95 shipping

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