Thursday, September 16, 2010

Killer Disney Movie deal at Toys R Us

Thank you so much Melea at Freebies 2 Deals for this one. I am reposting her whole post here because it is such a great deal!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

UPDATED: Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue AND Beauty and the Beast Deal!

Yesterday I let you all know about a way to get Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue for only $4.99. Well, since we pay $10 upfront for the DVD. There is a big chance that they won't let you use the coupon since your total will only be $19.99. Although I think some stores will, it will just depend. So here is a scenario to get Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast! It does take some work though. So decide whether making 3 trips to ToysRus is worth it:

Step 1:

Print out the $5.00 off $25 ToysRus Coupon

BEFORE September 20th, head to ToysRus and Pre-Order Tinkerbell (Pre-Pay $10)

You will get a $10 ToysRus Gift Card for pre-ordering when you pick it up

Step 2:

Between September 21st- 26th head back to ToysRus and pick up your Tinkerbell DVD.

Use the $5.00 off $25 Coupon

Plus, use the $10 off Tinkerbell Coupon

Pre-Order Beauty and the Beast on DVD (you will need to pay $10 of the price to do so)

You will pay $14.99

But you will get back a $10 ToysRus Gift Card.

Step 3:

Starting October 5th head back to ToysRus and pick up Beauty and the Beast

Use the $10 off Beauty and the Beast Coupon

Plus use the $10 ToysRus Gift Card you got from Tinkerbell

You will pay $0. And, then you will get back another $10 ToysRus Gift Card for pre-ordering.

For both movies, you will end up paying $4.99 for both Blu-Ray/DVd Combo Versions after Gift Cards. It is a lot of work to get them that cheap.

You can do Step 1 alone and just purchase a filler item for $5.00, if you don't want to do the Beauty and the Beast deal! Pin It

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