Friday, September 24, 2010

Basic Budgeting by Randi Lynn Millward

So remember that book I told you about that I was so graciously asked to endorse? If not, it is up to the right side of my blog:)

Anyhow, Randi sent a personally signed copy to me. She is such a sweetheart. I just thought I'd share a bit about her as well. I have only known her for a short time but I have had nothing but great interactions with her. 

Randi Lynn Millward resides in Marienville, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Travis, their two daughters, Aurora Joy and Mercy Kahlynn, and their son, Linkin Ryan. Randi is currently a full-time
mom and a part-time author. The author of 4 books, her writing has also appeared in the Business Builders section of the Christian Work At Home Moms (CWAHM) newsletter on more than a dozen occasions. She also writes a column for Here is her most recent post.

Her books inlcude:

'100 Income Streams for Full-time Moms: Because Your Children are Your Full-time Job '

'Beyond the Traditional Lemonade Stand: Creative Business Stand Plans for Children of All Ages'

'50 Eggcellent Egg-free Breakfast Recipes: Because People with Egg Allergies Deserve a Good Breakfast, too!'

and ofcourse

'Basic Budgeting'

You can click on the picture of the book off to the right if you wish to buy it. You can also check out more about Randi Lynn Millward here and her books on
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