Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Craft Savings Tips

Hey there! This post will be quick but I wanted to let you in on a few things I have learned leately when it comes to crafts....

1) There are tons of craft sites out there that offer lots of free how-to tutorials and tips:

These are just a few...

2) Buy Vinyl on line for much cheaper. is a great site

3)If you have a Cricut, ebay has the best prices for cartridges, just remember bid in the last minute of the sale and put the highest amount you would bid on that item for. You won't have to pay that much if no one else bids it up.

EX: Current bid is at $23.95, your highest bid is $30.87, no one else wants to pay more than $26.00 so you pay $26 instead of $30.87 even though you would have paid that much if it came down to it. is having a sale on cricut cartridges too if you don't want to bid on them. They are moving whare houses and selling off inventory.

4) if a rocking(or crib or anything else) chair breaks, think creatively and use the parts for some crafts. Repurpose it! I'm still thinking on what I'll do with my rocking chair.

I know this is simple and short but I am hoping to try and post more helpful crafting and budgeting tips again... wish me luck that life allows for it! Pin It

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