Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Battlecreek Booth

So this is the final product of hours of work.... I got lost while trying to get there so tack on travel time too...LOL. I think it turned out pretty cute for a lil' 2x5' booth. I have to say I am really enjoying not having to be there either. Central checkouts ARE awesome! If I was there I would be worrying about the kids or they would be with me and I would be part of a circus. Ha! All my inventory is there which includes Mini's, Eco Lil's, Vinyl Lil's, Big(check size), and Document size designer organizers(which have yet to make their debut on Etsy).
I also have cute headbands that my sister sells displayed on the coat rack and by the mirror AND adorable wipe cases by Ashlee at The Prickled Pear on etsy. All of our products can be found in Southern Utah at Christensen's and Christensen's kids too!
On another note, if anyone is interested in doing a craft boutique in Washington, my sis Janet that sells the headbands will be putting a show on over at the Cotton Town Village. It is Nov 20-21st from 10-6 both days. There are sure to be many fun booths and gifts to buy for your Christmas list. If you are interested in joining the show as a vendor contact Janet at 435-628-9041 for more info. It is only $35 for a booth and that includes both days.
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