Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utah Valley What Women Want Expo!

Thank you! Thank you! to everyone who stopped by my shop. The show was well worth it and I had such a great response from everyone I am sure I'll be doing it again along with other shows that I am trying to line up right now! Here are a couple pictures of our booth. I kind of forgot about taking pictures because it was so busy so we hurried and snapped a few towards the end.
This is a little bit of the display. Our booth was so cute but you can't really tell from any of these pictures. BTW, this is me for all of you who might wonder what I look like! :) Yes, dorky pics but that is me.And this is my sweet little girl. She took initiative and started handing out business cards to people walking through! I so did not teach her or tell her to do it. It was the cutest thing ever. She is sporting a cute top made by Rozzi at who had a booth right next to us too! Adorable stuff, check her shop out!And this is me and mis sis-in-law who came up for the show to help out.And this is... me... again... and my sis who came to help. We don't look anything alike do we?All in all, the show went great. I have been busy ever since with planning and preparing for future events and promos. Keep up with my business if you can:) If I can:) LOL.
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Yara said...

glad the show went well for you : )
I can't wait to try my lil' budget book

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