Friday, September 18, 2009

CSN Mirror Review

First off, sorry CSN mirrors. Life got busy so this has taken a little time to get posted.
I was thrilled when a representative contacted me to do a review of my choice from CSN Mirrors. I first picked this awesome mirror but it had already sold out and was on back order... ofcourse, it is gorgeous!

But then I found this mirror....

And I knew it was what I wanted to review! Isn't it beautiful?! Besides looking FAB it has other benefits too. Here are just a few points that sold me:

1)The texture & color. It adds great dimention to any room and I love it because it goes with my decor so well.

2)Eco Friendly! Yup, it is made from natural resources that have not been died or treated... water hyacinth is the main plant used to create this beauty.

3)It looks like it would be heavy but it's not! so light I don't have to worry about it falling off the wall because of weight.

4)The frame around it really protects the mirror! I used this mirror for display at the Utah Valley Womens Expo and it fell but there was no harm done at all. AWESOME! I guess I can't guarantee that you can't break yours when you buy one but you have to be trying to break it:)

5) Seriously, it is just beautiful, if I haven't said that already! I was so excited when it arrived at my door. My daughter was even excited to watch me open it. It was packed very nice & sturdy so that there was no damage done during shipping either.

6)CSN mirrors has 100's of different mirrors and product to choose from too! I was opened up to a whole new world of products that I have not seen before... anything from baby to home decor and more.

7)A great thing about CSN Mirrors it that they are budget friendly compared to other retailers out there. They all are at a discounted price and they show you on each item what the actual retail price would be elsewhere.


All I have to say that I love it! Go on over and check out CSN Mirrors!

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