Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aged Perfection: Part 2

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The Piano Tuner came... and then I cried! Bad news... way more costly to get it properly tuned than we had figured in or can afford. {Let me go cry some more}
So we did the only thing we could do. Sell it. It's gone.
This lovely set up is no more.

I sure hope the new owners can take good care of it. It's awesome.
On to the search for a piano again. Good bye lovely.

Aged Perfection Part 2!

I went for option 3! 
It's all finished. I have to admit it was the easiest choice. I love the natural distressing on it and preserving is pretty simple.

1) I used the foam sand blocks {Love the sand blocks!} to remove the chippy paint-you can see just how raised and chippy some of the paint was in the before pictures!

2) I wiped it clean of any dust and debris as best and quickly as I could.
3) Then I sealed it in with General Finishes flat clear top coat- 3 coats. It didn't even need sanding between coats. Sweet!

It just glided right on with the cheap craft foam paint brushes. I did rinse them out a couple of times during the process as there was some discoloration coming from the brush picking up the wood color and some inevitable left over dirt. 

The wood went so much darker and the surface is much smoother and set to be more durable now! I really love the dark and light contrast it has. 

A big 'Thanks' to General Finishes for the sample kit I received in the mail. I'm a believer in your top coats for sure! I have done waxing top coats, which aren't bad and have their place, but I don't like having to polish it up, I didn't have to with the GF top coat, at least not on this project. 

**I was given a free trial kit from General Finishes. I was not paid by General Finishes for any relating posts. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 
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