Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Epic Mickey Month 43!!! Don't miss this one!!!

Doesn't Mickey Look So Happy?!

Oh my goodness! oh my goodness! 

It has finally come! 

No April fools joke this year! We made our very last payment ever to student loans! Yes!!! YES!!!

I'm still wondering if it's actually REAL. We've been so connected to the stupid student loans it feels like we just lost a limb, LOL!  But maybe more like we just lost 100 lbs! The weight is lifted. 
Or squares.... we literally filled in 100 squares yesterday! Wahoo!

I may have cried as soon as I realized we could do it! I called my husband at work to scream about it. We thought it would be about two more months out. But we did it Sunday!!! **gasp**
Huge sigh of relief!! Next months budget will be weird- no student loan payments!!

We paid off roughly about $56,000 in 3 1/2 years. (Not all, but most, was student loans) 
Just 6 months past our original goal! Plus we brought our 4th baby into the world, bought a home, and paid lots in medical expenses all while paying down debt!!! We were lucky enough to have my husband receive a promotion at work too. Helped lots. I can honestly say I feel like we did awesome and that we are so glad to be done. Being that awesome is hard work!!  ;)

You might notice some empty squares on Mickey. Even though we paid off our student loans, we decided on two things:

1) We now need to SAVE for the trip...we'll use the smile for that portion.   2) Most importantly, we decided that we're going to keep it a secret from our children until the day comes to celebrate...we'll leave a portion to color in when we arrive at our hotel. 

(They have no clue we are done paying off student loans and actually planning our trip!!!)  

I don't know how many have really REALLY been following along with our Epic Mickey but I am so glad I have blogged about it and tracked the month to month progress! It's been so much more enjoyable. I plan to create a flipagram of the months to share too!! I will continue to blog about life after death... I mean debt. ;) oh that could be next blog title! Done! "Life after Debt" posts to come...although we still have the mortgage to pay off. Life after student debt just doesn't have the same ring to it...lol. 

Anyway, keep it a secret at least around my kids ;) Yay!!!! 

And a huge thanks to all who have been following along and encouraging us through our Epic Mickey Journey!

(excluding the mortgage)

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