Friday, June 21, 2013

We Bought a HOUSE... with a POOL! (My Swim Suit is calling!)

That's right! Well technically we are BUYING a house... we still have some loose ends but I just wanted to let you all know because we will be crazy around here trying to get moved out of our condo and getting it ready to SELL! We'll be at my in-laws until we officially close on the new home so we have got LOTS to do. I may get a post in from time to time but most likely not many.

Speaking of SWIM SUITS.. all Velocity orders are now being directed to my company website to ensure shipment of your orders.  


(the Velocity picture will take you to my website)...

This is not my house, lol... that is a little far out of our comfort zone and budget... but I kinda feel like I'm moving into this after all ours years of apartment living... (7 years and four kids later!!)

Our baby is doing great and growing fast! He's already 3 weeks old too!! He is so adorable and we just love him. We are doing our best to enjoy every moment with him.

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