Friday, May 10, 2013

$25 Credit to! Frugal Phone Service!

towards either your new phone purchase or your monthly service! 

*If you don't want to read my Ting story, just click the link to learn about it for yourself :) You'll be glad you did and you'll save A LOT on your wireless phone bill too!
For months now we have been trying to decide what to do about getting new phones. 
We were with Verizon but haven't been under contract for over a year. We don't move hastily into decisions that involve contracts. 

Our service was about $65 for two "dumb" phones. We haven't ever moved up to the smart phone stage. Smart phones just had a lot going against them in our minds... mostly just $$$... too many dollars going out the window for the service. We could have signed a new 2 year contract with Verizon and got free iPhones but we would be paying AT LEAST $100 (that's with a 17% discount) for two smart phones. 

It just made my stomach churn to think about throwing away a $100 bill every month for stupid "smart" phones!

Thank goodness a friend of mine told me about TING!

Instead of paying $100+ with Verizon, we'll be paying about $65 (or less!) for two smart phones and a dumb(basic) phone!

Advantages of TING:

  • Frugal Plans
  • Not locked into a specific plan
  • Uses Sprints Network
  • Some Sprint Phones are compatible 
  • about HALF the price of what Verizon and other companies would charge
  • Smart Phones at a SMART PRICE!!
  • You can transfer your current phone number over too- at no extra charge!
  • You can also use your own wireless network(or hot spots) without it going against your data usage!
For a visual of how Ting works and to calculate your savings, click this link or watch this video below.

We will pay $56 + surcharges for 2 smart phones and 1 basic phone!!! 

If we are under that, they won't over charge us either... and if one month we use extra, no big deal, we won't be locked into a higher plan. Right now we pay $100+ (with a discount) for 3 phones, all basic phones too.

I'm so excited to have a Smart Phone for so many reasons and so glad that Ting makes it affordable!

And remember, when you use my link you'll get a $25 credit towards your new phone or monthly service with Ting! 

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