Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Ok so I have a silly confession to make, I'm not perfect when it comes to blogging or life or most things... so if you happened to notice that my "Follow Me on Pinterest" button actually took you to some very random blank Pinterest page, I'M SORRY! 

It happened when I decided to change it over to TheMLBB instead of just my personal one and I forgot to update the button.

oops :( 

So NOW you can Follow me on Pinterest! LOL! 
Follow Me on Pinterest

I have tons of cute stuff... more than I'll probably ever create or do in all my life but I love looking at it all and getting inspired! 

My favorite boards are my "Sewing", "Organization", and "DIY" boards... but I have loads more!

Here are some teasers... be sure to pin them from my page so you have the source. :)

One Sassy Housewife: DIY Hammock- Baby Swing
DIY Maternity Clothing #tutorials #diy

Debating on if I can do doors that swing open on my closet... if so, this is going to help me organize even more.

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