Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amazing Home Management Printables only $20(Normally $45!)

Holy awesomeness! I posted a deal similar to this before but it was a very condensed version and I was left wishing there was a super detailed version. Ask and ye shall receive!

GroopDealz has this Home Management set for only $20. More than 50% savings- 
but it would be worth it at full price for me. 

I often struggle with just remembering when to change the air filters, the car filters and all those other things that don't happen on a daily basis. I'm just going to go ahead and give you the details directly from the site because there are so many awesome tips and charts!! It is set up so you can just print them out(you can even edit them too) and organize in a 3 ring binder!

You can also use these digital prints year after year so you can be organized

Sets are available for instant digital download in your GroopDealz dashboard
Each page is 8 1/2 by 11 and is sent electronically as a PDF file. Once purchased, these documents are meant to be printed and enjoyed week after week, or even copied and placed or bound in a home management binder. Enjoy a perfectly organized home in minutes with these easy to use planning sheets.

Cleaning Set: (12 pages)
-Cleaning Schedule
-Weekly Cleaning Checklist-Checklist for each day to keep track of your personal cleaning tasks
-Monthly Clean House Perpetual Calendar-Calendar style for monthly, weekly and daily tasks
-Full Year Cleaning Checklist-Keep track of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual cleaning task in one place
-My 30 Minute Clean Routine-Clean your house every day in just 30 minutes. Filled in with tasks and extra room for you to add your own cleaning to do's. Sure to get your house looking spiffy in no time.
-Deep Cleaning Schedule- Room by Room List for deep cleaning...great to do quarterly.
-Deep Cleaning Checklists for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Spaces, and Other Areas to chart your tasks and the dates you completed each

Finance Set: (15 Documents)
-Bill Payment Tracker- track bill payment for the year
-Expense Log- Keep track of your spending in one place
-General Budget Worksheet- for planning your monthly, weekly or annual budget
-Debt Payoff Worksheet- tackle your debt with this guide
-Debt Management Worksheet- track debt and ongoing balances
-Quarterly Budget Sheets: Organized into three monthly columns this is a great way to track your budgeted and actual spending each (8 sheets)
-Finance Calendar: Monthly calendar ready to help track when bills are due, when they are paid, monthly savings, etc. Use to track any financial goals for the month. 

Healthy Living Set: (15 Sheets)
-Food Journal: This convinient weekly planner will help you log each bit, along with daily calorie totals, water, fruit and veggie and vitamin intake. (regular and weight watchers version)
-Workout Log -Helps you track the details of your cardio and strength training workout. 
-Fitness Calendar- A monthly calendar with blanks for tracking any fitness goal (weight, calories, workout time etc)
-Calorie Counter Calendar. With space to log your daily calories and totals. Handy reference to log your calories for the month on one sheet
-Once a Week Meal Planner
-Weekly Menu Planner for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
-Weekly Menu Planner for new recipes
-Weeky Menu Planner- Detailed with Shopping List
-Meals for the Month Calendar (2 Versions)
-Recipe Cards
-Grocery Lists: (2 Versions)
-Weekly Menu plus Shopping List with Checklist- an excellent all in one menu planning sheet

Home and Family Set (38 Sheets)
-Babysitter Information Sheet
-Contact Info Sheet
-Birthdays and Anniversaries 
-Family Planner
-Insurance information
-Medical Appointment and Information
-School Information Sheet
-In Case of Emergency Sheet
-Family Scheduler
-Chore Chart Checklist
-Smiley Face Color-In Chore Charts
-Daily Agenda
-Daily To Do List
-Weekly Double Page To Do List
-Weekly All In One Planner
-Weekly "Extra Checkboxes" List
-Weekly "By the Day" Sheet
-Monthly Calendar
-Coupon Queens Mega Shopping List- hit multiple stores to score the deals. 
-Home Maintenance and Repairs Checklist
-Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
-Pantry Inventories- Detailed and General
-Fridge Inventories- Detailed and General
-Freezer Inventories
-Electronics Inventory
-Garage and Tools Inventory
-Furniture Inventory
-Appliance Inventory
-Valuables Inventory
-Warranty Tracker
-Password Tracker

Cover Sheet Set- (16 Covers)
Includes binder covers for your home binder and options for binder section covers including To Do's and Calendars, Cleaning Schedules, Medical Logs, Insurance Information, Menu Planning, Budget and Bill Pay, Health and Fitness, Holiday Planner, Pet Information, Home Maintenance and more.
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