Monday, October 1, 2012

Harmon's Grocery Match-ups Highlights!

Harmon's is one of my favorite grocery stores, not because of the coupon policy, but because of the service. MOST coupon-ers do not go to Harmon's so the products in their ad are actually stocked... unlike some other stores. (I do not agree with coupon-ers hoarding the shelves)

Harmon's doesn't usually have an amazing list like this weeks so this is exciting! If you plan to shop there, please be very neat and organized with your coupons. Do not try to push the limits here. They won't allow it and aren't as coupon friendly(the only part of their customer service that could be improved) so be sure to get what you need and that it is within the guidelines of the coupons and the store coupon policy.

These are the BEST match ups for the week, for the full list go HERE
You can also view the other local store adds while you are there.

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*****Valid Dates: 10/01 through 10/07This list is made by Rebecca. She answers list questions in this thread at PYP.
Apples, Gala, 5 lb bag3.983.98
****Avocados, organic1.181.18
Broccoli.68 lb.68 lb
Cauliflower.68 lb.68 lb
****Potatoes, Large Idaho Russet Baker.28 lb.28 lb
****Squash, Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti.78 lb.78 lb
Maid O Clover Gallon Milk2.50Milk, .75/1 gallon (active) Group A-09/01 Print Twice!1.75
****Dasani Water, 24 ct3.993.99
****Lipton Teas, 12 pk or Pure Leaf Tea, 6 pk4.99Lipton Iced Tea 12 packs 16.9 oz. plastic bottles, or Pure Leaf 6 packs 18.5 oz. plastic bottles, any flavor/variety $1/2 (10-20-12) MomentsToSave-9/304.49 ea
Keebler Zesta Crackers, 15-16 oz1.50Keebler Crackers, any $1/2 (active) Group A-09/08 Print Twice!1.00 ea
****Kettle Brand Chips, 13 oz2.50Kettle Brand Potato Chips, any 5 oz or larger $1/2 (active)Group D-09/29 Print Twice!2.00 ea
****La Victoria Taco Sauce, 8 oz1.67La Victoria products, any 12 oz. or larger $1/2 (10-28-12) SS-8/191.17 ea
****La Victoria Tortillas, 8 ct2.00La Victoria Tortillas, any .75/1 (10-28-12) SS-8/191.25
****Lays Kettle Cooked Chips, 8-8.5 oz2.50Lays Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, any variety 8 oz. or larger bags, LIMIT 1 Coupon per Customer $1/2 (10-20-12) MomentsToSave-9/302.00 ea
McCormick Gourmet Seasoning Packets, 1-2 oz1.67McCormick Gourmet Herbs and Spices, any $3/2 (10-14-12) RP-9/16.17 ea
****Pillsbury Cake Mix, 15.25 oz1.001.00
****Prairie Grain Bread, asst, 32 oz2.992.99
****Blue Bunny Cadbury Bars, 8 ct2/5.492.75 ea
Farm Rich Snacks, 18-26 oz2/7.99Farm Rich Snacks, any $3/2 (active) Group A-09/18 Print Twice!2.50 ea
Michael Angelos Lasagna, 80 oz12.99Extra Promo: Buy 1 lasagna get the following free: New York Texas Toast, Bread Sticks or Knot Rolls, 7.3-13.5 oz, Pictsweet Vegetables, 7.3-13.5 oz and Meadow Gold Ice Cream or Sherbet, 48 oz12.99+
Michelinas Entrees, 4.5-7.5 oz.68Michelinas Entree or Snacker Products, any $1/5 (active)This Link-06/18.48 ea
****Arm and Hammer Detergent, 62.5-75 oz3.99Arm and Hammer Laundry Products, any $1/3 (active) This Link-07/133.66 ea
****Axe Shower Gel, 12 oz3.50Axe Shower Gel Product, any $1/1 (active) Group A-09/08Print Twice!2.50
****Bayers Aspirin, 32-36 ct Childrens or 81 mg2.50Bayer Aspirin product, any 20ct or larger $1/1 (10-28-12) SS-9/161.50
****Hefty Bowls or Plates, 50 ct2.00Hefty Plates or Bowls, any $1/2 (12-31-12) SS-9/301.50 ea
****Zantac, 24-30 ct7.99Zantac Product, any 24 ct or larger $2/1 (active) This Link-08/025.99
*****General Mills/Betty Crocker Promo: Buy 8 items, get 2 gallons of milk FREEMix and Match
****Motts Medley Fruit Snacks, 10 ct2.00Ocean Spray, Motts or Sunkist Fruit Flavored Snacks, any .50/2 (active) Group A-09/01 Print Twice!1.75 ea+
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