Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome New Fans!

Welcome all new Readers!!! So glad to have you!
As the blog continues to grow and we have super awesome giveaways I forget that sometimes I need to let you know what we are all about at My Lil' Budget Book so here are some tips about MLBB!

1) Navigation!
*Use the tabs at the top of the page for easy access to posts all about 
Family, Finance, Fitness, Fashion and Fun!
Finance covers: Coupon Shopping, Grocery Match ups, Paying Down Debt, and Budgeting Tips!
Family covers: All things pertaining to our family and yours!
Fitness covers: My fitness goals, fitness tips, running tips, and any deals pertaining to fitness, as well as Color Me Rad sign ups!
Fashion covers: Any and all deals and tips on Fashion!
FUN Covers: Giveaways, Reviews, and CRAFTS! And anything else I deem as FUN! :)

2) Epic Mickey Debt Count Down!
*This is our favorite part of the blog! We are Disney lovers and debt haters! We are a real family striving to pay down debt! You can watch our success(and even our slow months) through our Epic Mickey Count Down Calendar each month!)

You can use the tab at the top of my page to access all the past updates as well!

3) Featured Deal
*This is a new feature where business owners can offer a deal directly to you as MLBB readers! 
The deals typically will last one week and then they are gone so check it often!

Email me to be featured!
*You can also purchase ad spots on my side bar too. 

I am particular about who I will accept for these. I want only family friendly ads :) 
I love promoting handmade goods such as Etsy shops!

At My Lil' Budget Book(commonly referred to as MLBB) we are about great savings, smart financial decisions, and having fun in the process! So thank you for joining MLBB!

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menopausal mama said...

Hi Julie! Found your name as a follower on my Networked Blog. I am now following you back on your Networked Blog under the name Marcia Doyle. I also joined up on your GFC. Would love it if you could return the favor and join the GFC on my site as well--I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Thank you! I saw you on there,I will totally return the favor!

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