Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading Horizons Review!

"Home School Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit"
(Ages 4-9)

I have to admit, I wasn't sure where to start my review on the "Home School Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit" from Reading Horizons! Upon receiving it I was stunned by the quality, time, and preparation that went into this program! 

I simply can't review this product the way I have others in the past so here it goes!
While I do not home school my children I do believe that parents are the most important teachers!
This program's name could simply read Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit because it can easily be applied in a classroom setting, not just at home.

As a first time parent of a kindergartner, I have felt a little overwhelmed with knowing how to help teach my child the foundation of reading. Don't get me wrong, I read books to her, I teach her to spell some words, and she knows her abc's and their associating sounds really well but heading into actually teaching her to READ, I feel like any extra direction and help I can get is good! So I was, of course, super excited to get this program to review.

The "Home School Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit" includes:

*Teachers Manuals (2 Volumes)
*Sound Essentials Student Manual
*Reverse Listening Cards
*14 Reference Posters
*Enrichment CD with all necessary printables and activities
*4 small reading books
*Step by Step Instructions
*Black Zippered Canvas Tote bag(NICE!)
*T-Shirt "Read Books on Shirts"- Love it!

As I have read through the Teachers Manual and the prefaces of each manual this is what I found:

So impressed by the quality of the physical program!

*Step by Step Instructions!
Easy to follow Step by Step instructions and directions for the "Teacher"

*Quick Reference Tabs!
I love the easy to navigate tabs!

I even learned a few new(or forgotten rules of reading) through details explanations of how each applied step helps build the foundation for reading!

*FREE Teacher Training! And FREE WEBINARS!
This is really good for me- as I know it's important for me to be my child's best teacher BUT I need to learn the qualities and skills of a teacher! ;)
There is one webinar available for Tuesday Sept. 11th!

This program offers a 60 day money back guarantee because it is proven that with in 40-60 hours of instruction you will see a jump of 2 to 5 grade levels in reading!
THAT'S AMAZING! Which brings me to my last one...

Not what you expected? This isn't just confidence for me as a teacher, but for my children as they learn to read and know they are smart and will excel in life! Reading is key to being able to excel!  Since the program has such an amazing guarantee, I'm confident it will work!

I'm super excited to get results with my child. We have recently started the program and she already loves it! We also played some of the games in the car while traveling and were quite entertained!

My daughter tells people with excitement that she has something to help her learn to read!

I also LOVE the time I get to spend one on one with her- having three small kids, it seems harder and harder to get that bonding time!

I will continue to update you with her success as well!

**There are also other programs available as well.

reading horizons software

*Disclaimer: I did receive this product free of charge to review but was not paid in any other way to post this review.  However, all opinions expressed are my own honest opinions! 
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