Friday, August 31, 2012

The Juppy Review

I love new and innovative baby products geared to help out mom and baby! 
This product struck me as very different from the rest of the hot baby products out there. 
Most new baby products are meant to just be cute, but this one serves a real purpose- 
help baby to learn to walk faster and with better posture!

"What is the Juppy?"
"The Juppy Baby Walker is a non-traditional, parent-assisted baby walker 
used to safely teach babies how to walk sooner while eliminating dangerous falls" 

"Whether you are at home working, at home mom or the baby sitter,The Juppy is ideal! It is a simply designed baby item that has been featured on several hundred blogs for moms. 

The reviews have been 100% positive, mostly due to the fact that The Juppy reduces your pain, eliminates possible injury to your child and it fits in a purse!"
(Exert from The Juppy website)

What's so great about The Juppy?

*No bending over to help baby walk!
With the straps you can adjust the length to fit your needs, 
then just hold on as your baby struts their stuff!

*Teaches Baby to walk in a natural form and with better posture
The seat of The Juppy gives baby a sense of security 
and helps them stand more upright as they walk

*Quality Construction & Design
It is made of very durable outer lining and soft inner lining. 
The seams are very well constructed and will hold up to their design.
I sew so I should know! ;) The zipper is an added convenience and is great quality too! 
No catching or breaking! I was impressed by the ease of the zippper- 
may sound funny but if you have worked with lots of zippers, 
you know there is a difference.

You can add your babies name! Cute!
Juppy Bag
Easily rolled up, slipped into its smooth carrying bag 
and packed in your purse or diaper bag

*Machine Washable
If baby explodes in it, you can easily wash it out. 
Wash on gentle cycle, cold water and air dry.

*Dr. Recommended!
"I had the opportunity to watch the Juppy in action and I was amazed.As a parent, I can recall the hours spent hunched over my children as they learned to walk. Your device eliminates the aching back that goes along with it. The Juppy also should eliminate the chance of a nursemaid's elbow, a very common injury to children as a result of pulling on an arm and dislocating the elbow. The Juppy's straps allow a even pull with very little strain on the toddler. I was most impressed with its simplicity. I would even go so far as to say it is brilliant!” 
-Dr. John Lepore D.O., F.A.A. | Kidfixers Pediatrics

My youngest is 18 months so by the time I got this product to review, she was already walking, although quite wobbly, lol! She had finally started walking without holding onto things at about 16 months(my other kids were 14-16 months as well) so I can immediately see the value in this product! I even put her in it to see how she would do. She loved it but more importantly, she did walk more upright with better posture!

I am happy to say that I'm more prepared for helping my next baby walk!
(when I have one, this is not an announcement)

*A clip for pacifiers
(If you already own a binky clip, it could easily attach to the straps)
*Print options for the fabric
Every child and parent is different so different prints would be fun.

The Juppy is so well built and I'm sure that as they continue to grow as a company, they will always find ways to add even more quality to the product too!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review but was not in anyway paid to write this review. The opinions expressed in the review are my own honest and personal opinions.
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