Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lots of Giveaways to Enter, LOW ENTRY! :)

Have you heard of Tightwad in Utah?

Well, it is a great place to go to submit your blog giveaways and to find some more great deals but most of all, it's a great place to go and enter LOW ENTRY GIVEAWAYS!!! You don't have to live in Utah to enter the giveaways so anyone can go on over and enter away! 

There is a list of about 75+ giveaways that are all LOW ENTRY, meaning there is a higher chance YOU could win! 

Guess what? I have a giveaway listed there too!
Carri's Creations $20 Gift Card

While you are visiting be sure to ENTER this GIVEAWAY too:
One pair of Lace Leggings from Baby Be Jeweled
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heather abbe said...

You can also check out my blog for low entry giveaways:


Julie said...

Thank you Heather! I will:)

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