Thursday, June 21, 2012

Half off Full Car Detail! Only $50, Southern Utah

 $50 For A FULL Interior Car Detail From Deluxe Car Detailing! Includes Shampooing The Seats and Floors!  (Reg. $100)
It's another Southern Utah deal! 

With all the heat on those dash boards and the red dirt in our areas, I bet many of us could use this deal to help protect our cars! This detail comes with shampooing on the seats and floors! 

My brother used to detail cars and it really does cost usually $100 and up to pay someone to do it and really, who wants to do it themselves? I've tried and I never get it to look as good as the professionals. 

Since we only have ONE car now, I try very hard to keep it nice too! You can read about that story here.

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