Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can you put a number on children? My response...

"The Famous Duggar Family"

During a recent Blogelina 100 comment group, one of the bloggers in my group asked, 

"Can you put a number on children?"

This is my response:

"Oh girl! This is a big topic in my part of the country (Utah) lol! I am LDS(AKA Mormon). I grew up in a family of 11(me being the 11th). I have ALWAYS LOVED having a HUGE family. I have always wanted a HUGE family. My number was more like 8 before having children... then we had our first... that number dissappeared- for selfish reasons and sanity. 

I thought I would just naturally be an awesome mom(NOT)- my mom was. For me SHE WAS and IS. But lets remember I am the youngest of 11... she had pleanty of practice! 

Well, we now have three children. And I cried when I found out I was pregnant with the third. I wasn't ready, it was a horrible pregnancy too. 

BUT CAN I JUST SAY SHE HAS BLESSED OUR FAMILY SOOO MUCH MORE! Not that I loved my other children ANY LESS. They are truly amazing and bring joy to my husband and I every day(along with some not so joyful moments but we try to forget those ones) but had I not had baby #3 I would not ever have experienced this simple, pure true happiness and joy she brings all the time. Sure she cries *some* but 100 to 1 she smiles and laughs and loves and cuddles! 

And the funny thing, and maybe the best part of it, is that she makes me love my other children so much more too! You wouldn't think it is possible to love your child any more than you do when they are first born but add another child and another... it is truly compounding LOVE! 

With that said, I NO LONGER HAVE A NUMBER so to speak.  It will just be when we are complete and when we know all of our babies have come. My baby just turned one, then I have a 3 year old boy and an almost 5 year old girl. I feel content at the moment but not complete. I hope you and your husband will be able to know what's best for you but as much as there are days when I feel in over my head and that I'm the worst mom ever, these kids were meant to belong in our family!"

How about you? Do YOU have a number?
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