Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Budget Tip: Auto Pay!


Now that we are snowballing like crazy... I wanted to share with you something that helps me TONS! 

I love to shop and I can find numerous ways to spend any cash in our accounts. Since I know this is my down fall I have to prepare for it like crazy. That's why we chose to AUTO PAY extra debt payments! Not just once a month... twice

We have one HUGE student loan we are trying to get rid of next so it has an auto pay for the minimum amount no matter what! We are paying lots more than the minimum BUT my husband gets paid twice a month.  

If we waited until the second paycheck to send one extra payment... it would be dwindled down(yes because I love to shop) a little more than we planned. BUT IF we send one auto payment right after each paycheck.... it's GONE before I can get my hands on it, lol! Then I am just working off of the cash that's left. Which, by the way, using cash is best- or at least use a debit card that gives you perks or a combination of both!

So my point is, for those of us who lack a certain amount of self control in the finance department, the key is to avoid the situation. (Just like those that are alcoholics need to stay away from alcohol) In my case, I just need to spend as little time at the stores as possible and force myself to do things like paying off debt right after we get paid.

So if you are like me, try out auto pay... see just how much more you can pay off by doing it right after payday!
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