Monday, March 12, 2012

Walgreens Trip

A small one but a good one! I was using F2D as a reference for the sales, you can too.

I just got back from Walgreen's and thought it was an awesome trip- 

This was my trans:

2 Right Guard at $2.29 for both (bogo)- used a $3 off two cpn- making .71 cents here!

2 Right Guard clearance deo for $1.49 for both(bogo included on these) used a $3 off two cpn- making $1.51 cents here!

2 Bayer Low Dose 32 count $4.48 for both(bogo 50% off)- used two $1.50 off cpns and two March Wag's $1.00 off cpns making .52 cents here!

1 Gillette Fusion shave cream(small size) $2.29 - Used a $2 off cpn- total of .29 cents for that!

(the following are "fillers" to meet 1 cpn per item requirement- no cpns for them)

1 nail polish $1.99

1 lip gloss $.99

Before cpns= $27

After Coupons and RR:  $0.38 CENTS!!!

I spent $1.38 and got $1 RR! WOW!!! I think that is awesome! Even considering I was planning on $4 Register Rewards on the Right Guard Deoderant! :) I'm excited to have some fun new nail polish and lip gloss too! It was worth a short trip to Walgreens today! Pin It

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