Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

If it's not too late to change your plans, delay your Valentines celebration until tomorrow... sound silly? 

Well your pocket book will sure thank you! Although I do suggest talking it over with your valentine to make sure he/she agrees! :) My husband and I had decided that we should celebrate it a day late...
(who says that February 14th is the only day that you can celebrate your love anyway??)

While the kids may need to celebrate Valentines Day on February 14th...mom and dad don't have to.
(you know all those special friends at school and the yearly valentine card swaps, well lets be honest, that's not the expensive part of Valentines anyway)...

Everything from flowers, gifts and chocolates are marked way down on Feb 15th! You can also avoid the crowds that are sure to be out tonight by going out tomorrow!

So Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow ;)

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coupon said...

Yes indeed. I very much appreciate your idea of avoiding crowds in that manners. That shall absolutely sum up that the valentines day is a tough day for moms and dads. Provided the kids celebrating.

Julie said...

Thanks~ and I now have 2 dozen lovely roses on my kitchen table for 50% off the original price;) They are quite lovely but seem even more so since they cost half as much as they did on Valentines day! :)

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