Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Perks!

UPDATE: I just saved another $12 on this deal!!! With the $30 rebate you get a free year magazine subscription... BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT FOR A REFUND FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION WORTH $12!!! Wahoo! A grand total of $144.87 for my new KitchenAid.
 -And to think I was going to settle and buy the $100ish sunbeam mixer... so glad I didn't.

I love it when I know I'm saving money... I love it even more when I am surprised that I saved money! After several attempts to win a KitchenAid through blog giveaways over the past several years... 
I finally gave in and bought one.  

Freebies2Deals had a post about how you can get a 5 quart KitchenAid for as little as $155.37+tax(Normally $399). 

It involved a few steps, but I was very happy to jump through a couple of hoops to get it. Especially since my husband gave me the permission to buy it(we are coming up on our 6 year anniversary... yay for early gifts)!! Yes HE ROCKS!

Basically it was on sale for $299... there was a code for 30% off(for Kohls card holders-which I AM NOT- just say no to credit cards!) or 20% for non card holders <---- That's me! The code: SMS2019 is good until March 3, 2012. And there is a $30 rebate by mail right on the Kohl's website next to the product when you add to your cart. Then if you go through Ebates you get 6% cash back from Kohls. AND THEN YOU GET $40 IN KOHLS CASH. WOW... did you follow that? 

So out of pocket I paid $262 but now I have $40 Kohl's cash, $30 rebate coming, and $23 from Ebates($5 starting bonus plus $18 cash back). So a total of $169 for the KitchenAid.

Well THE FABULOUS NEWS is that I SAVED MORE! I just realized that one of the 5% perks for the month of February on my PerkStreet debit card is KOHLS.COM!!! YEAH... I just save another $13.13!!! A total of $156.87 What now!?! I saved just as much by having a DEBIT CARD instead of a CREDIT CARD with Kohl's! LOVE IT!!


Here is my beauty in Apple Green! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I was picky about my color selection, apple green is normally more expensive but not today!
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