Thursday, January 12, 2012

HUBZUB Valentine Idea

Looking for a great way to save on your Valentine's Date? 
Check out HubZub's Make it a Date Promo!

I was one of the first selected to preview HubZub before they launched this new website. It is great for all the Northern Utah locals who want to save.

What's different about this site compared to other daily deals sites? Savings all the time!! 
So many offers are available at a time on the site and it isn't just daily. There is not an exact cut off date for each and every promo. You can browse the categories for savings to suit your needs such as Entertainment, Family Fun, Auto Services, Carpet Cleaning, and so much more! So go ahead and sign up now- it's free to sign up!

**If it's not in your area yet, be patient as they have an aggressive growth plan in place for going nation wide! You can also give them references for your area too!
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