Monday, November 7, 2011

Go Ahead...Reward YourSelf!

I love Perk Street because our family gets rewards for spending cash we have on things we already buy and staying out of debt since it pays us for using our DEBIT card. I use debit instead of credit way more often and get cash back for it. I love knowing I’m earning cash back and not ever going to have to pay interest later on. It has been great. But why not reward ourselves too? 

My husband and I have a pile of student debt and a car loan. We are a bit of Disney fanatics. What do the two have in common? Our reward system! We decided that to fuel our payoff plan we will have a family goal and a reward. Our family goal is to be debt free besides the mortgage. This has always been the goal but we haven’t always had a reward to fuel our energy into that goal.

Epic Mickey Debt Free Celebration Vacation Count Down
or just our Epic Mickey:)
So...we drew up a big Mickey face and made it into a graph. Our "Epic Mickey"! Each square represents a dollar amount of debt paid off.  As often as we make payments to debt, we get to fill in the appropriate amount of squares. When the Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free and we will have enough saved to go on a Disney Vacation!

My kids LOVE Disney Land… and well, so do my husband and I! It is the perfect reward for our little family. The best part is that the family has to work on it together. We have the children be involved in filling in the squares and we talk about ways we can help save. Our children are little so ways for them to save are as simple as turning off the lights and not letting the water run.  For us, we are trying to find ways to make more by having garage sales, crafting goods, handmade gifts, side jobs, giving up wants like eating out and keeping an endless supply of chocolate-my guilty pleasure!
Having this reward as a visual in our home every day keeps us much more focused and filling in the squares is so fun!  The kids really love it too! What do you do to stay focused on your financial goals? What creative ways do you do to save money?
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