Friday, November 4, 2011

Easy Christmas Stocking stuffer... handmade craft to hold the crayons

Well, if you haven't noticed, 'tis the season to prepare for Christmas! Seriously. I'm still amazed each year that Christmas creeps its way into the stores even before Halloween. I love Christmas though! Especially now that I have kids to share it with! What I don't love is the retail tag generally attached to the word Christmas. It gets so expensive! So I'm going to try and give you ideas for easy inexpensive gifts you can make! 

Today, how about a Crayon Wrap?!  Here is a cute tutorial, and you could mix it up a bit by making a place for a note pad, coloring book, or markers. Scraps material and a ribbon is really all you need. The tutorial shows having some liner to keep it stiff, but if you use felt than you don't have to worry about that. Dress it up how you want and you have a great stocking stuffer!

Also at Toys R Us you can get a 24 pack of crayons for 25 cents! Yup! Four packs for a $1!
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