Friday, May 27, 2011


USE codes EXC100(once per email) for 25% off and code MB1500(expires May 31, 2010) for 15% off and add free tote(worth $20) must have $50 or more before codes to get tote. The tote helps to save more off total even if you don't want it...

2 Cami Kits $19.95 Each 
Summer Tote (shows $20.00- comes off at check out, can see it in your cart) 
Perfect Cap Sleeve $19.95

Before Discounts: $79.85

Discounts of:
: ($20.00) the bag
: ($19.96)- takes the 25% off the bag too($5 extra savings towards my shirts)

: ($11.98)-takes the 15% off bag too($3 savings towards my shirts)

Sub Total: $27.91

Shipping: $9.95

Tax: $1.88

TOTAL $39.74

total savings of $51.94!!!!
So even though the tote is free it shows at $20 in the cart and so the 25% and 15% off codes take that additional off! That's 4 cami's, 1 cap, and a summer tote for $39.74 SHIPPED! Less than $10 an item! MORE THAN 50% off!!!!! ACTUALL 65% SAVINGS!!! SOOOO RARE for MODBOD!

If you happen to have a free shipping code... you would save another $9.95!!! If you do, please share with us!!!
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Camille said...

Thanks Julie! I used these codes to grab this great deal!

Julie said...

:) Yeah!! I was soo excited!

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