Thursday, April 14, 2011

Which Remodel do you like the most?

An easy way to redecorate on the cheap is to modge podge fabric to your decor piece. I got the desk from my sister but it isn't quite finished... which fabrics do you like best?

Desk 1 Avacado Damask by Michael Miller
 Desk 2 Black and Cream Damask by Joel Dewberry
 Desk 3 Aviary and Orange Damask by Joel Dewberry
 Desk 4 Aviary & Orange Damask by Joel Dewberry(Oh crap...thought... these(orange and turquoise) would look sooo good if I painted the desk WHITE, what do you think about that too?)
Desk 5 Orange Damask with a touch of Aviary by Joel Dewberry
 Desk 6 Gray and Yellow Damask by Joel Dewberry

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Bonnie said...

I like the gray & yellow but I know that you are a turquoise & orange kind of girl! so go with what YOU like!

Julie said...

I did think of you with the gray and yellow:) I ended up going with the black and off white though... Seth likes it best and I'll just have to get some stuff to coordinate with it:)

couponsforzipcodes said...

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