Friday, March 25, 2011

AWESOME GroopDealz! PROFESSIONAL Teeth Whitening kit for $39(Reg. $125)

UPDATE: You can still score this deal today(FRIDAY) too!

When spring comes, there are many things I find myslf doing and wanting... of course sprucing up the home and yard but also "sprucing up" myself by working out, tanning, and WHITENING MY TEETH!

  I absolutely love having my teeth nice and white! A great smile goes a long way! :)

If I sound a bit materialistic, I guess I am. I just had a baby and have been feeling ultra frumpy and I find that these few things help me feel better about myself. Even though I like to look great, I don't like to do it at expensive prices so I would go without if it was too much....

Well today GroopDealz has an awesome deal for a Professional Teeth Whitening kit from My Life My Smile for only $39! These retail for $125 and even at $125 that is much less than going to the dentist and getting it done...but with the same results!

My husband and I will soon have nice white teeth again! Family pictures may be in the near future since we have the new addition and white teeth! I'll be watching for another deal!

If you are new to GroopDealz, all you need to do is create an account and then make your purchase. If the daily goal is met(a certain # has to be sold) then they will charge your account and send you the coupon in an email to redeem online or in person. If the amount is not met, you will never be charged and you will be notified that the deal didn't happen. There were only a handful left to meet this deal so I'm sure it'll be on by the end of the day!

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