Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ad/Price Matching... FREE PASTA


I have had a major coupon-life altering (lol) insight last night. I know if you are a couponer... you are probably already on top of this or have at least read about it but HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED IT?

So I have to be honest, I have always been nervous about ad or price matching for fear that the store would give you dirty looks and that you would be talking with customer service for hours to complete the transaction.

I did it once over the holidays for a couple of Nintendo DS lights. Radio Shack had them for $75 but sold out... I went to Wal-mart... and ad matched! It was a one day deal and took quite a bit of work but Wal-Mart was very nice and considerate when said and done and that saved a whopping $150 out of pocket!!!

I figured it was worth a try when I would save that much but on small grocery items, probably not...

WELL WELL WELL... I was WRONG! Smith's has a great sale going on this week and you can score lots of free Ronzoni and American Beauty Pasta if you have the coupons to match! I headed over ready to pick up 10 free boxes of pasta when to my dismay, THEY WERE SOLD OUT. Of course, that would be my luck because there are soo many thrifty couponers in my town. I had happened to run out of ink so I wanted to go to Wal-mart anyway and get ink when I had the thought, "Why not ad/price match the pasta?"

A little hesitant, I decided to give it a try. I knew I MUST have the Smith's ad in order to price match so I marked the pasta on the add, seperated the matching coupons to go with it and even decided to price match pasta sauce and Annie's Mac & Cheese.

I got to the check out stand ready to go, the cashier immediately noticed the Smith's ad in hand and said kindly, "Look's like we've got some ad matching tonight?" And I explained I am new to ad matching! He just took the prices right off the add and that was that! It seriously didn't take any extra time(maybe I got a good cashier but it was just as fast as normal check out!) SCORE!!! 10 boxes of Pasta for a whopping $1(I had one coupon missing), 10 jars of pasta sauce for $15(no coupons but normally $3 a jar), 10 boxes of mac & cheese for $5(no coupons just a good deal and Smith's was out of that too). 

So my question is WHY IN THE HECK WOULD I SHOP ANYWHERE BUT WAL-MART IF I CAN AD MATCH EVERY OTHER STORE?!!!  I am done going to multiple stores and trying to get their best deals, Wal-mart rocks!

The ONLY reason I might go back to Smith's or Albertson's is if the sale gives you the Catalina Rewards or $$ towards next shopping trip(I'm not sure if Wal-Mart will price match that, I guess I have more to learn).

If you want to see what sale items have matching coupons, go here and choose your store.

I have it linked to the current Smith's add but you can click the drop down box that says select store.

Here is a link for Pasta Coupons... can get you 16 boxes free if you print it twice.
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