Monday, January 31, 2011

January has come and gone without a giveaway...

Hi readers and any visitors! Today I am realizing January has now come and gone and I have yet to post my giveaway that was geared towards a January Resolution commonly made... Budgeting & Organizing... can you guess what the giveaway was going to be?

Well, I am still going to do it, it may just last a lot longer than expected because of the baby coming and all the changes we have had lately, including being sick:(

Anyhow, I will give away an entire set of MLBB organizers, one mini, one Lil', one Big, and one Document size... although the fabric may or may not coordinate due to availability.  It will be from what I already have and fabric will be chosen by me to simply make it easier to process.

Here are sample pics of each size, disreguard the fabric as it will most likely be different.

 The LIL'
 The BIG
 and the DOCUMENT size

Also, just incase you are wondering, I still have my shop closed and it will probably stay closed for months to come because I am focused on being mommy and wife until I get a "regular" schedule again so this is the only way you can get one of these organizers that I make, atleast for quite some time.

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