Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old Navy 50% off all coats and outerwear + FB coupon

So I recieved an email from Old Navy, as mnay of you might have, advertising their 50% outerwear sale. BUT did you know that if you visit Old Navy on FB you can play a game and earn a coupon?!! I got a $10 off $50 purchase coupon which CAN be doubled on top of the sale! Someone said they recieved a $50 off $100 purchase too so who knows how lucky you'll get!

This is what I purchased!
Toddler Coat        ($39.95)
Pants                   ($19.50)
Fleece PJ's          ($16.99x2=$34)
Necklace             ($4.99)
Earrings               ($1.99)
Total                   $100.41


I have to tell you, the staff is super nice too because the snow pants rang up as regular price but the sign did say that they were on sale, the clerk went ahead and gave me the sale amount even with out checking... AND the fleece jammies came up regular price too but they gave me the discount on those too without checking! So NICE! LOVE LOVE OLD NAVY!

You can also save 25% off on any online purchase(excluding outerwear and daily deals) with code ONSAVE25
*I don't know of you can combine the facebook coupon with this code online though. If you can, let me know:)
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