Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Free" Nursing Covers

New code out for UdderCovers Nursing covers, a $32 value, you just pay the shipping which ends up being $9.95. 
Use code FAMILY2010 
That really is a great deal, you just have to think, it really isn't FREE.

Honestly, I hesitated to do this because FIRST off, I SEW. I probably will still make one of my own eventually but it won't cost just $9.95 because I love designer fabric and the ability to have it reversible... it'll probably end up at about $15-20 after all is said and done. 

SECOND, with all of the upcoming stress of moving, packing, searching for a place to live, and the holidays... I doubt I will be able to make one BEFORE the baby comes... one less thing to worry about. 

And one last note, after I completed my order, a message popped up saying that my email was eligable for a one time use code for a free sling, a $48 value... I don't know when I'll recieve my code but I'm guessing that a bunch more people will also get that same message so you may be able to scare a free sling(and I'm sure pay shipping and handling) too!
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