Friday, September 24, 2010

Yard Sales...

So I haven't yet told you all about my recent yard sale outing with a friend. We went looking for specific items, console tables, night stands, or dressers that we could redo. I am redoing one into a toddler kitchen for my daughter for Christmas. I found a $15 Pier 1 Imports book stand that should work perfectly! Compare that to the $80-$150 kitchens at the toy store! I'll let you know how my project goes.

This is one done by The Crafting Chicks that I will use for inspiration.

My friend however, didn't end up with her console table. The ones we found were either sold before we got there or just didn't quite fit the look she wanted.

I scored a whole bunch of goodies besides my book case. I got a huge light up pumpkin for $1, an antique looking tin lunch basket-to become a sewing basket-FREE, mock window shutters with a hidden chalk board and corak board $5, a dress form $3, a North Face jacket for hubby $3, an Anne Taylor jacket for me $2, and a block set with a wagon for my boy $5.

I haven't been to a yard sale since I was little. I would go with my mom all the time and I still look back on it as a great memory. We all know you can find JUNK everywhere but it just seems that at garage sales, you can score some great deals on furniture if you are willing to give it some TLC later.

If not, you can always just buy new at a fraction of the normal cost through CSN stores.

I'm always looking for great deals but I found that I really enjoyed getting our of the house, off the computer, and into the community to score some deals.

So my question for you is:
Do you like to go to yard sales or shop online better?
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