Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disneyland Savings Tips CONDENSED

So I am sure my last post about how to go to Disneyland on a tight budget was overwhelming so here is the quick facts of where and how I found the best deals.

*This website was simply the best way to save, trust me, I looked all over the internet! Taxes are included in their price and you get free Disney gifts(a backpack for the kids and a lanyard and pin for adult tickets which you can switch for the backpack if needed) for each ticket along with $300 in coupons.

*Use code BLOG10 and/or CASTLE at checkout online or by phone(not sure if they will allow both) Each code will save you $10

*Also if doing it by phone, use electronic check and you can save another $10

*We also booked a nicer hotel about 2 miles out that has free shuttle service and all you can eat hot breakfast which actually saves us money overall for our trip.

This is where I found great printable coupons for Downtown Disney restaurants such as RainForest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and House of Blues 

This is where I scored a House of Blues $50 gift card for $8! Normally they are $20 for a $50 but with a 60% off code, I saved a ton. I believe they send out one code at the beginning of each month that lasts about 2 days so you have to watch close.

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