Wednesday, September 29, 2010

baby Talk and Baby News

So first of all, I have huge news! If you didn't know, I am pregnant! And IT'S A GIRL! We just found out today! I was so right the entire time and my hubby kept saying boy...(I have 100% accuracy so far) not to brag!

Ok, so something that really has to do with this blog...

I told you about checking magazines for coupons and the amazing FREE Cache Valley Cheese Coupon... well when I was at the Doctor's office flipping through the Baby Talk Magazine for the month, it also had the same coupon in it... so my guess is that there are a few magazines this month that have that same coupon.

For sure Disney Family Fun and Baby Talk magazine have them in it! So keep your eyes peeled! The coupon expires Nov 1, 2010. Pin It

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