Monday, July 13, 2009

I love saving!

Since I began using cash only and really paying attention to where our money is going I have really come to appreciate watching my savings grow. I have to admit that my husband is really the one who taught me to save. In our first year of marriage we both worked and brought in about $40,000 together. We paid off our car and live on just what was needed. We save a lot for the future. It is sure a good thing we did because 2 kids and a bachelors degree later we are now headed into what is probably going to be the poorest(?) two years of our life.

As I have said before, my husband is only allowed to work 16 hours a week while in school so that doesn't leave a whole lot of opportunity for income on his end. Anyhow, what savings we do have is being put towards school. Now back to why I love savings. I seriously never had more than a $1500 in my checking before I met my husband and if I had that much I felt totally rich. I didn't even have a savings account until he came along.

Once we started saving and saved up to $7,000 then $10,000 and then more and more it felt awesome! I loved just looking at my account and knowing I was safe if anything happened to us. Well, again two kids and a bachelors degree later and embarking upon an MBA... I wish I could be saving like we did before.

I do what I can by using cash only and seriously limiting what we buy at the grocery store and I know my clothes have to last until after my husband graduates and gets a good job(this is pretty darn hard to do). I also am really into using coupons and have really learned the value of grocery coupons combined with grocery store sales.

Don't get me wrong, I don't store hop and waste gas. I usually just go to one store and that's good. And I love to see how little I can spend and how much I can get with my coupons too, dorky I know but if you do it you know what I am talking about. It is a thrill! Especially since the receipt shows how much you SAVE! But I am still feeling the pressure to save more and increase our emergency fund and pay for school so we don't have to pull out a school loan. We have been steering clear of debt and really wish to never have a loan with the small exception of a home loan if needed one day.

And ofcourse I sell my MLBB's for income to help the debt free cause for my family and for all of you but I am wondering what tips you use to save some $$$ or to make some $$$ ? I need to grow my family savings:) Pin It

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