Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Chance To Win an MLBB!

I teamed up with Shauna at Book Give Aways for another MLBB Giveaway! Already had 38 comments just today! It is going swell! I know that there are some out there that would love an MLBB but are wondering how to fit into their budget... well if at budgeting time, you can't figure out how to pay the $7-25 for a budget book there are always giveaways going on! Just search the web for My Lil' Budget Book Giveaways and you'll probably find a few:) Just a little tip.
I know I love entering drawings and winning ANYTHING! Really I just love winning stuff! I never won anything until I married my husband... the biggest prize yet:) but it was like I instantly became lucky and now I just love seeing what I can win. Sometimes I may pass on those winnings to others too!
And if you don't end up the winner you can always check out MLBB for more and be sure to check out the sale section as well! There are some great deals:)
Also, Shauna has great giveaways for all those who love to read so check her out HERE.
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