Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not The Jet Set Giveaway...

I told you all a while back that I was approached by a couple of blogs/websites to do a featured giveaway.
TheArmyWife giveaway was great with a total of 86 responses(this may seem small but for the website being brand new, that was great!) Congrats to the Lucky Winner Corrie Kolbe! Enjoy you Perfectly Pink Lil' Budget Book & Happy Budgeting!
Now it is time for the next giveaway to begin...
(actually it has already started and I am a little behind).
Not The Jet Set got to review My Lil' Budget Book in advance before doing the giveaway!
See what she has to say HERE! And be sure to ENTER too!
I am almost always doing a giveaway of one or another so if you just can't afford to buy one, you can search the web for any giveaways I just might be doing:)
Not The Jet Set is a blog type of a website that is geared towards living a frugal life style. You'll find that she is here to tell you the truth about finances and her life experiences with finances.
You can find more detailed information about what she strives to do HERE. She doesn't put up with finance BC(Bull Crap)- I may have changed that a bit to keep it reader friendly:)
So post away and good luck to all those who enter!
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