Thursday, June 4, 2009


So once again my family is moving. I know I know... it seems like just a month ago that we moved... well that's because it was! LOL. We had to make a temporary move across town from a rental we were in before we made a more permanent move across the entire state! We are headed out for the big city of Salt Lake. I have never really lived in a big city so it'll be quite an adjustment! But we are excited for a change. My husband is getting his MBA so we can accomplish many of our family goals which include getting a better job(for my hubby), buying a home(I dream of doing this CASH but even if we can save for a huge downpayment that will be fabulous), paying off that house by age 30(that is my goal) or 35(my husbands goal) so may we will be 32 1/2... we will see(we are 25 right now), and trying to make it through school
This is a huge challenge since his 2 year MBA is completely full time and the college only allows him to work less than 20 hours a week. The cost of school & VERY minimal living expenses are $55,000 over this 2 year period! Along with the fact that I am a SAHM(stay at home mommy) and a WHAM(work at home mommy) of a 2 year old and 7 month old... the WAHM side of me doesn't get as much attention for sure as the SAHM side of me:) As it should be... BUT I do intend to start kicking out a bunch more product on my website!
On that note, watch for two things that will be coming up!
1)I just may be having a SALE on EVERY ITEM in my shop for this move:) A great sale too:)
2)I am going to come up with some sort of tracking method for my finances and goals right here on my blog:)
I appreciate all of you who support My Etsy Shop and My Family all at the same time! Every purchase is helping us to stay debt free and hopefully will keep us debt free through school! I am positive it will:)
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julier said...

Congratulations on your goal of being debt free. Our family started last October and have nearly paid off the first (large) debt....only 3 more to go, but they should go quickly now that the "snowball" has started. Good luck in your move and your goal of being DEBT FREE!

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