Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Fabrics...

I love buying new fabrics! Here are just a few of the new ones...
By Heather Baily for Free Spirit Soire'e by Lila Tueller for ModaMidWest Modern by Amy Butler Park Slope My Erin McMorris for Free Spirit

I usually only buy in small quantities of each style so that each budget book is that more unique and rare to find! Ofcourse I am willing to accomodate requests as best as possible too!
I am also doing my best with what feedback I am getting from the shop questions off to the right------->
I am trying to be better with the camera and will soon be working on better product descriptions. I also have made my shop announcement short for your vewing convenience. I actually prefer a short message when I am shopping through etsy as well. I just want to see the cute products people make instead! I'll click on the profile if I want to know more about the artisan, which I have done and enjoy reading every now and then. Let me know what you think and don't forget to enter the drawing.... there will be
Here is the link...
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