Friday, May 15, 2009

How do you save?

Seriously, this may be WAY overemphasized in the media right now... especially in commercials that are trying to SELL you something.
For example, Dish Network. If you have TV you have probably seen it. They are telling you that they can save you money by offering their service at a whopping $39.95! "And that's just the everyday price" LOL! Seriously, $39.95!(I can't believe people really pay this)
First, I have to explain that I saw this at my in-laws home where TV for them is a must and finances are not an issue. So I sat there thinking to myself, if I was actually trying to save money(which I am) I would just not have TV at all...(which I don't, except at my in-laws where I temporarily live for about a month until my family is moving away for school).
Well, let me just give you a tip. I know someone (who will remain nameless for their privacy) that recently lost their job and began cancelling their subscriptions to different services such as Dish Network. They called willing to pay the early cancellation fee because in the long run it would still save them money. Dish was so shocked that they were so willing to pay the fee that they began to barter with them. They kept offering lower monthly rates and kept getting turned down until the price dropped to $14.95 a month!!!!!! $14.95!
People, at this point, the customer SAVED money by keeping the service and got to keep Dish Network! That is such a huge savings of $25.95 a month!
So my point is, what have you done that has saved you $$$$ big time, or even a little? Please do share!
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